Live like a local by visiting some of our favorite spots here in Safety Harbor


Daydreamers Cafe & Grill

Farmer's Market

Kid Friendly

Just a quick, 3-minute walk away, is one of our favorite Breakfast spots - Daydreamers Cafe and Grill. The colorful aesthetic is hard to miss!

143 7th Ave N, Safety Harbor, FL 34695


Marker 39

"Floribbean" Cuisine

Great For Date Night

Described as, "Modern Florida Fusion Cuisine with Caribbean and Latin American inspiration" - Marker 39 is one of our regular stops! As always, right in the heart of Safety Harbor. 

155 5th Ave N, Safety Harbor, FL 34695


Water Oak Grill

For Steak & Seafood Lover


Great For Date Night

55 10th Ave S, Safety Harbor, FL 34695


The Sandwich on Main

Handcrafted Sandwich Shop


With a delicious menu, homemade sauces & sodas, and a cozy environment - The Sandwich on Main is by far our favorite lunch stop. Perfect for picnics at the pier. 

308 Main St, Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Bassano Cheesecake.png

Bassano Cheesecake

Handcrafted Cheesecake


When eating these cakes , one is able to take the time to slowly push the fork through the cake, while taking the time to let the cake almost dissolve in your mouth, so that you can experience the delicate texture while enjoying the pure Madagascar Vanilla and a hint of lemon zest, freshly made just before baking.  It has that almost melt-in-your-mouth feeling, not thick like pudding, and not thin like whip cream. It’s just that in-between texture and then the graham cracker crust. A good cheesecake is a whole experience

507 Main St, Safety Harbor, FL 34695


Nona Slice House

2016 World Pizza Champion

Kid Friendly

Just around the corner from the rentals, you'll find Nona slice house.

997 Main St. Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Kitchen and Bar.JPG

Kitchen and Bar

Steak & Seafood 


Kitchen and Bar at Safety Harbor  is the place to be to enjoy a romantic date night or indulge in exceptional steaks, fresh Gulf seafood or Southern comfort food with a modern twist.

156 4th Ave N, Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Parts of Paris.png

Parts of Paris

Modern French Cuisine


Exquisite French cuisine, great date night.

146 4th Ave N, Safety Harbor, FL 34695


Karma Eatery

Healthy choice Juice Bar & Eatery



55 10th Ave S, Safety Harbor, FL 34695

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